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I know we hear it all the time.

“Focus on your strengths.”

Find ways to get better as a person.

Keep grinding until you reach your goals.

You can do all of that, and truthfully, you will still miss your best asset.

Our best asset as people is to provide service to one another.

To provide unsolicited service.

Our best asset is to care.

Our best asset is to love.

Our best asset is to be ourselves.



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The portal to addiction

I blame you

You have the world in a chokehold

People feel lost without you

This the new eighties

A crisis worth mentioning

You white though

White as snow

You’re not a threat

You’re viewed as a protector

Protector of pain

Protector of sorrow

Took too many

I can’t feel tomorrow.



Rashad Young

Rashad Young

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