Three Truths you have to accept to live the life you want.

The truth hurts. We try to find ways to cushion the blow to make ourselves feel better about the decisions we make in life. However, there’s a point where even with the grace we should give ourselves; the truth cannot change the impact of our decisions.

Here are the three truths;

  1. You’re at fault more often than you think.

I know this won’t be favorable for some people but think of the bigger picture. Life happens, and I am not writing to write of the fault of life nuances, dealing with ignorant individuals, and careless moments caused by others. I’m referring to the aspect that we have to accept every piece of us to change. We have to accept fault in our faults. It’s not meant to self-critize and create blame; the focus is on creating a higher level of self-awareness.

One of my larger flaws is my quick inability to accept fault without justification. My body creates this person to defend every action I make as justifiable. Nobody likes to be wrong; naturally, admitting fault goes into a deeper conversation of unpacking our egos. I can tell you mine is relatively large.

It’s a truth I have to accept, or it will never change, and I know that.

2. Nobody will believe in your vision as you do.

Your vision is like your creation in the lab of your world. You spend hours thinking about how it will change you, what great things it will do for you and what beautiful things it will bring into your life. Your vision is no different from any other invention or technology we have seen before. It started with an idea that someone else thought was crazy. A part of you wants your vision to work to prove doubters wrong. I get it. I can admit that’s one of my motivations behind things.

I have continued to learn that nobody can see your vision as you do. Nobody will believe in it as much as you do, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just not their vision, so they can’t. That’s the reality. To project the expectation for others to see your vision as you do is inherently selfish, unfortunately, but it’s true.

If you want the vision to manifest itself in the world, you have to believe in it every day. Even if there’s doubt, rejection, and worry, you must shift back to belief. Is it easy? Of course not, but that’s the only way it will come to fruition.

3. You probably don’t think big enough

I entered the social media world recently and discovered a trending topic about an individual who discussed how one-hundred thousand dollars wasn’t feasible for them to live a sustainable lifestyle. Like any natural human being who doesn’t make that amount currently, I was perplexed. Then I gave it some more thought and realized that our programming to think big is rather limited as a society.

Gratitude and humility are two valuable pieces to humanity; the issue becomes that those two great traits of humanity plague our ability to think bigger. Follow me for a second.

Making over one hundred thousand dollars a year will change lives for some of us. However, have you truly thought about how impacted our economy is and how much depending on where you live? One hundred thousand dollars in Idaho is different from one hundred thousand in New York and California. If you have children or are married, that can also affect how that money can work.

This isn't an article about inflation or how war affects everything around us. No, but I saw the comments and statements made, and in the most empathic way possible, I learned how little many of us think. It’s the principle of thinking big that resonates with me.

It’s a difference between being entitled to feel you deserve that much money a year versus thinking you cannot have that much money to live or feel as if you deserve it. Having more money in your life doesn’t change anything; that’s my belief and will always be my belief even (when) I get to the financial piece I desire. However, what individuals can do with money for others can change their viewpoint on life, in my dearest opinion.

I believe what you think in your life is what you get when it comes to material possession. The frequency in our minds is connected, and I believe at some point, the more you keep that train of positive thinking, the frequencies will manifest into your reality.

So what’s the takeaway?

  1. Accept fault if you are wrong. Your ego will hurt your ability to grow, and the change won’t happen overnight.
  2. Your vision will grow as long as you believe.
  3. Think impossibly big. You’ll be surprised at what we can achieve.



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