Why being humble will hurt you.

I was recently having a conversation with a group of my friends, and in our discussion, the topic of why being humble is a bad thing s. In the discussion, I remember one piece of advice “if you strive to live a life of pleasing others, you will limit yourself and your ability.”

I began thinking about my childhood growing up and how I was told to be humble. I remember how much that affected me from a confidence standpoint. My self-esteem was shattered, and I created an insecure version of myself because I believed that if I showed confidence or arrogance, I would be living a life of non-humility.

Ego vs. confidence

There’s a difference between living a life of ego as if you are important and believing in the value of who you are.

Often, we find those who appear arrogant or confident in themselves an issue to the world. I expressed to them why I struggled with receiving compliments and never enjoyed being in the light. However, my ego wanted the attention. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my ego was feeling threatened by the success of others. I felt as if I decided to express my success that others around me would judge me the same way we would think the egotistical people around us.

I was always the type of person that would always try to be perfect. I would do anything to avoid criticism, never sharing my successes with anyone. I felt as if I decided that if I expressed my success that others around me would judge me the same way. This is a common problem among people who are perfectionists. They want to be perfect in everything they do, but they cannot achieve this because they are only human. What they need is someone who can be there for them and support them in their journey towards being perfect.

To have confidence is to have the utmost belief in yourself no matter what you do. We all have moments where we don’t feel confident. It is natural, and it is okay to feel that way. The important thing is not to let those feelings stop you from going after your goals or doing what you want; and already difficult as it is, and we must learn how to celebrate ourselves.

You can show confidence in yourself without feeling as if the attention has to be on you. That’s the difference between confidence and ego. Confidence is a natural feeling, and ego is enhanced by a moment to prove yourself or a moment of insecurity.

Remember that you are designed to be celebrated and provide value in the world. Don’t allow the feelings of others’ perceptions to be the reason you dim your light.

To live a worth celebrating life, we must first believe in ourselves. We must be confident and trust in our abilities and skills. The people around us will either support us or bring us down, so it’s essential to surround ourselves with people who see our value and celebrate it.



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